Code to embed a form on your website (authenticated form fillers)

Use the following code to embed a form on your website. This is used for authenticated users who are filling out the form. The user must have an account with to fill out the form, or they will be redirected to login or register.

This is the authenticated version:

<iframe id=”ZFFrame” style=”border: 0;” src=”[FORM NAME]&projecturl=/Users/[USER NAME OF FORM PUBLISHER]/projects/[FORM NAME]&HostID=[USER NAME OF WEBSITE OWNER]&MessageNew=New%20Document&MessageExisting=Reuse%20data%20from%20existing%20Document&RegistrationURL=http://www.[YOUR DOMAIN].com/register” width=”100%” scrolling=”no”></iframe>

<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

For more details on each parameter, see this knowledgebase article.