Insert a ‘Document ID’ into your document when they are assembled

It is often important to reconcile a physical version of a document against one held in you document repository. ZumeForms allows you to automatically add a unique system generated ID that you can reference against physical document copies.


To add an automatic system generated document ID just add a Microsoft word mergefield to your document template named “«System_DocID»“ ({{MERGEFIELD System_DocID}}).

Each time the document is assembled a new unique document ID will be assembled into the relevant document.

(The ZumeForms document assembly engine uses Microsoft Word mergefields to insert data entered by the user into the form. To learn about adding mergefields to your document template read this post.)

Sample Form and Document

Your document should look something like the screenshot below, with the System_DocID on the bottom right hand corner. To try the form and see the automatic id generation try out the form here.

Document ID

Document ID