What is a repeat section or table?

A ‘repeat section‘ on a form is an section in which the user can enter more than one set of data. For example, the user can enter a number of names and addresses (i.e. for parties to a legal document), or can enter a number of lines into an invoice.

This is the properties section of a repeat section:

Repeat section properties

This is what the repeat section looks like on the form – with the various form fields inside: Repeat Section

Inserting repeat content into your document templates

A repeat section is matched in a document template using the “TableStart:” and “TableEnd:” Commands. When you insert these two commands into your document table, the content the user has entered into the matching repeat section on your form will be inserted into the document:

{ MERGEFIELD TableStart:SectionRepeat_rpt }

{ MERGEFIELD Name_txt }

{ MERGEFIELD TableEnd:SectionRepeat_rpt }

In this example, the Name_txt entered on the form will be inserted into the document. If the user has entered more than one name on the form, then each of the names entered on the form will be inserted into the document.

The only way you can access Name_txt in your document is if it is surrounded by the TableStart: and TableEnd: commands for the relevant repeat section in which the Name_txt field is included on your form.